K303 Turntable Mix

this is a mix consisting of my personal favourites of my vinyl repertoire.
those who are intrested in detroitish techno and its derivatives, might want to take a listen.
the mix has been splitted into individual tracks, so no .cue file needed.
i also applied a somewhat basic mastering and fx polishment on the sustensions for some additional spice.
if you use winamp, a gapless output plugin is recommended.


soultouches ~66.7MB


mp3, 128kbps, cbr

playlist (Artist - Tracktitle (Side - Labelname Rls#)

01 Intro (keith303 on his cs1x in the back)
02 Rob Acid - Das Legal ( A - Junkfood 1028 )
03 Rob Acid - Die Nacht Aus Blei ( A - Force Inc 168 )
04 Rob Acid - 500 Hastas ( B1 - Junkfood 1028 )
05 Rob Acid - Gesänge Der Frühe ( B1 - Force Inc 168 )
06 Trancesetters - Roaches ( A - Touché 9935 )
07 Stonemaker - Re-Mission ( AA - Bellboy 036 )
08 Trancesetters - Spooky ( B1 - Touché 9935 )
09 Thomas Schumacher - Wig Out Into ( A - Spielzeug 001 )
10 Lexicon - Rejuvenate ( A2 - Plastic City US 013 )
11 ( Rejuvenate + Quantensprung 1 Are Melting )
12 S.O.L. - Quantensprung 1 ( A - Superstition 1999 )
13 Chris Liebing - Audio07r ( B1 - Fine Audio 07r )
14 Basic Implant - Audio12 ( A2 - Fine Audio 12 )
15 S.O.L. - Solaris 1 ( B2 - Superstition 1999 )
16 ( Solaris 1 + Beat Bang Black Are Melting )
17 Toshiyasu Kagami - Beat Bang Black ( A1 - Spielzeug 008 )
18 W-Moon - Absolutely Terror Field ( Metrojuice 001 ) _01
19 W-Moon - Absolutely Terror Field ( Metrojuice 001 ) _02

As I claim to be a DJ myself, I cannot refuse to write some critics:

So, I did not detect any mixing flaws so far and the set is well balanced, although I would have played the more “trance-oriented”-stuff first and afterwards get more aggressive with harder sounds.

Did not know that you are also mixing. With Technics?

thanks for the feedback dope.
actually i’m not that much into DJ’ing anymore, mostly because it has become to costy since the introduction of the euro currency.
nevertheless i have about 350 vinyls from the time before 2002 and i’m currently desperatlely looking for a pair of SL1210 MK2 or MK5’s (since 1997 i only own a pair of 1210 imitations by a company that doesn’t even exist anymore - for good reason apparantly).
too bad the 1210s still sell well - preused hardly under 300 EUR per piece, if in mint condition.

the decks i currently have are meanwhile so weird, that i have to set the pitch at -3% if i want it to be at zero. it’s absolutely unusable for serious mixing purposes since a few months. the mix i posted originates from 2001 however.

concerning your critics:
you’re definately right about the wrong order of the tunes.
there hardly is any build-up of tension or a climax, which a proper set for the floor should certainly have.
nevertheless i think that the music itself remedies that mistake - given that you like such music of course. ;)

Leeching, will incorporate my mp3-player soon. :)


Good transitions, neat tunes (chris liebing being an old favourite of mine) but seemingly random order, as already noted. ;)

thanks for listening sagosen.
the above mix is meanwhile offline, since my webspace is rather limited and i wanted to upload another mix.

this time it’s drum&bass. the mix is about 5 years old and the tunes are all from 1999-2001.
there are a lot of ed rush & optical tunes mixed here.
so here’s the link.

rough tracklist:
simon v, the green man, ed rush, optical, jonny l.