Kaizoku - Raggende Strings

So we tried something else and we wonder what you, YES YOU, think of it.

Kaizoku - Raggende Strings


Whats up with those raging strings? ALL THE TIME!!

always sweet to try something new, i can respect that n stuff… :D

the song works great but i feel your mix is rather thin… lack of bass. love the lead sound tho!

Thanks for the listen!

Just curious, what system are you listening on? The track’s very decent bass-wise on Yamaha HS80M’s.

Just took a listen…sweet, is this ur take on drmstep? sounds about 85/170 bpm or above…dig it …doin one drumstep track for my ep…

I think the bass is fine…not listening on monitors, however, i know what it should sound like…maybe a touch more, like 1 db or so…but thats just taste really…too much more and u will screw up the dynamics of the track u have worked on!

I think this style is suited to u, keep adventuring! :walkman:

Thanks for the kind words :) We wanted to use some familiar techniques in a different environment and found we really liked the ‘feel’ of 90 bpm, hence the experiment. Not sure what drumstep is, to be honest, but I’ll find out once you posted your EP here? ;)

atm im using my 13+ year old jvc’s home stereo speakers that i know very well, point is, that compared to other music there was less bass… :]


ps… im not talking about sub bass

Cool, thanks for the info! :) We’ll look into it, we should listen to this on various systems and compare more anyway. Also haven’t tested it on my own KRK RP8’s yet.

Yeah, i’ve tested it on my iPhone speakers and found that the whole tune is lacking bass and subbass…

+1 Renegade Snares references
Big speakers playback, solid!

im not sure if this was SARCASM, if so, well done. ;]

hahaha, no not at all dude :) we’ve taken you very seriously and are seeying what we can do with the low end, so many thanks!

@ Connor, thanks for listening! :D

Its a cool beat, only feel maybe the chip sound is a bit raw compared to the rest of the sounds, for example how u work the sounds in the outro make me think u can do more with it…
Anyway this is nice how it is, it does make it sound happy like that.

De hele tijd?

Nice track!

I see Sinus Sawtooth has found the forums :D

for me there is enough bass. a little bit more punch on the bassdrum and snare would be nice. sounds a little bit far away compare to the rest.
i like the overall happyness in this one :D
Well done as always !

ohaai ^^

due to the fact that the bass and subbass was indeed a bit lacking on my iPhone, we adjusted the sound a bit, the subbass is now cleaner and overall more present, the bass and midrange feeling is boosted to make it less thin.

comments and pie are appreciated.

(new version was uploaded last saturday)