Kanak Attak - Hip Hop Track


Ok, since almost 90% of all songs are electronic (i checked the songs section :P ) and the Hip-Hop tracks are really nothing spectaculary i decided to upload: Kan Ve Ter - Kanak Attak.

This is a turkish Hip-Hop track with all the stuff it has to have ( snippets, scratching, lyrics )

It has more or less ‘semi-unproffessional’ Voicerecording (Sennheisser PC-150 Headset, dont say anyone :P ), but with some filters, a touch of reverb/echo i think its sounds ok.

Since im not that vsti-plugger, ive uploaded the mp3 aswell as the xrns file, so ppls can see how its made.

Would be glad if you rate my song.

have a najs day

cheers notorius

very fookin nice man! really dig the flow of this track,
although I feel it could use a little more mids and slightly more
bass, I love the diversity this track offers, inventive beat
manipulation and some damn nice mc’ing going on, as far
as I can tell, ofcourse.

Keep it up man, very nice work!

hehe thx very much for compliment and critism.

ye i got quite big problems with mastering, coz i dont have any monitor boxes, only some infinity home speakers.

I also have the slightly feeling that the last vocal part is a little bit lower although i never changed the volume i think :P

so you think the whole mastering should be more mids or just the vocals ?

I know what it’s like dude, don’t have any monitors myself… my wonders of sound were found
in a hardware store… got it with a hammer and a saw. Anyways, I listened your track over my
own system as well as some others and yeah… definately would work with more bass, to give it
some more spice, y’know… Not too sure about the mids to be honest, those may be just my preferences
instead of good judgement. Maybe someone who knows more about mastering can help you more,
but don’t forget one thing: this track already sounds very good and is pleasant to the ears!!