Kaneel And Lackluster New Release!!!

Hey guys, it’s kind of exciting for me as this is 2 of my fav. artists. both renoise lovers and users aswell. I’m sure you all are familliar with both Kaneel and Lackluster so why not pick up their NEW RELEASE HERE!!! I DID!!


Only 5.00 euros and 8 dollars for us Canadians! Just thought i’d let ya guys know if you dont already =)

… Respect and one love!

Full song previews at Bandcamp

Good stuff! Probably buying this.

I have negative balance on my bank account atm, but things will get better in a week or so and then… ;)

i’m a noob here… just came across this thread after lurking for a while and reading up on renoise.

very much digging Lackluster - Kosmos9

wicked track. will be purchasing this asap.

Really enjoying the Lackluster tracks. It’s uncanny how his music always connects to me.

congrats Esa and Kaneel :)
good stuff.

really into ‘Catch23’, good stuff!


What I mean is that this stuff is good stuff.

It seems there is some kind of obscurantis around this release.
the duck conspiracy vs the bump mafia, probably.

Also, Kaneel/Lackluster split3" on Discogs

It most certainly exists!

p.s. thanks Jenoki

ps: But I think people don’t care much, it’s no braeklolcore or wubwubstäp :)

Didn’t you hear? We all just listen to dubstep nowdays and use the built in beatslicer for ze making of kool breakbeetz!
Everybody can make weird sounds with a computer non?


It’s all about baguette vs bread.
I do think the choice isn’t yours :)

ps: you sound like lili, I would pay attention to yourself, I think this is getting contagious.