Kara-moon Collective - In A Spin

Today a CD was released, which does contain a song from me most of you don’t know yet, totally beatless ambient. There is of course a lot more nice stuff on the compilation to checkout.

Promotional blurp:

What happens if two people, Kara & Moon, decide to release a compilation CD with artists who have never met each other before?.. through a well moderated internet forum, this has led to the realisation of a terrific CD!

Previews, more info and ordering: http://www.kara-moon.com/in-a-spin/

I’ve added a streamable version of my song “Serenity” to my Virb page:

Well done! Hopefully this will get your excellent music out to people outside of this little community!

Serenity is a cracker. Not enough beatless stuff out there ;)