Karlheinz Stockhausen

Well, I was never a fan of his music. Three days ago (5th December) his life ended. Considering his music and his comparism of 9/11 with art, I wouldn’t say I’m surprised that none even mentioned him.

However, he was musically educated and he’s seen as someone who pushed/initiated the scene of electronic music. While I find it hard to understand or even enjoy his works, I think it’s interesting to see how you people think or feel about him.

Hmm, at first I had to google him. The name did not say anything to me. But most websites here call him Papa Techno and so I guess, he was important to the music I love. R.I.P.

Stockhausen Interview

Whoahh, I had no idea he died. Not that I was really keeping up with what was happening with him.
I really like quite a lot of his stuff.

RIP man.

(PS. first post, I’ve never even actually used Renoise yet, just very interested in it & checking in every now and then because this seems like a very very good application I would really love to try but can’t since I’m on Linux. And now that there’s been talk about it being imported to Linux I just have to keep hanging around.
I’m really liking some of the tunes by users here btw)

Welcome, o*6.

Marc, thanks for providing the interview. That made me see a seminar where Stockhausen is talking about time stretching/compression in 1972.

Was fascinating hearing some of his early stuff from the 50s and 60s, tape loops of percussive piano samples and shit. And early surround experiments from the same era. Really forward-thinking individual at that time.

Apparently he wasn’t so into Aphex Twin, there is an interview about that somewhere that is pretty hilarious, he wanted the Twin to stop with the African beats or something.

It’s hard to know the truth about that 9/11 quote. He claims he was taken out of context, and journalists frequently hype things up and twist people’s words. We will just never know for sure.

In any case RIP Mr. Stockhausen and thanks for playing a part in forging the tools and techniques we use today!