Katapult And Renoise

After further review, I will declare that my fingers are definitely crossed for MIDI feedback support. Yes, it’s been said before but not in the context of using Renoise alongside Katapult and a Launchpad (or at least, not in the forums).

So far, I have mapped two pages (out of 16) - nothing complex at all. First page is of course an 8x8 grid for muting tracks within the Pattern Matrix. On the second page, I’m just fooling around with some sliders which control the VST parameters.

The only drawback is when I reload the Katapult config after making some changes, the LEDs all reset and they are not updated with the current mute/unmute state of the tracks. If/when this is possible, it’s game over. All respect due to the Monome but honestly, you can get a new Launchpad for $150 (got mine for that price from Guitar Center), a Katapult license for $13 (it’s on sale now) and Renoise for $75. A third Benjamin was not harmed during these purchases.

Hell, I think Renoise and Katapult should cross-promote in some sort of way. :walkman:



Ha ha - sorry, thought there was more familiarity. I’ll just quote the FAQ verbatim -->


  • Hold button - Toggle button - Horizontal/vertical faders - Horizontal/vertical sliders - Indicator LEDs - 2D Pads - Meters - Progress bars - Note output - CC output - Drum racks - Keyboard macros

Demonstration video --> http://vimeo.com/8737113

There’s a significant focus on using it with Traktor Pro (which it does very well) but of course, it works with any MIDI application.

Errr…umm - never mind.

Duplex!!! :yeah:

I honestly didn’t know about Katapult until you mentioned it. And it can definitely pull of some amazing stuff, assuming that the host application supports bi-directional MIDI. But we didn’t have that until just now.

For me, Duplex is simply a dream come true, and I have obviously put a lot of time and effort into it. But it wouldn’t have been possible without Taktik handily creating special features like colored buttons or vertical sliders, just because I needed it for my pet project. So this has been a co-op like no other.

Btw: out of curiousity, what is the difference between faders and sliders?

I just found out about it myself about a week ago. The demo videos really impressed me; the Launchpad/Renoise step sequencer video immediately came to mind. Plus, the price was right (just like with Renoise). The only thing missing for me until now was the MIDI feedback.

There is a strong Traktor influence on the project (and rightfully so as it works great with it) and it also works on an iPad, which I think will be its strongest platform given the ability to more easily control the sliders and faders (touch vs. push-buttons) and it’s network capabilities.

Duplex is a dream come true for me too. MIDI feedback was all I needed with Katapult and now you guys hit me with that plus a built-in template for the LP that already does what I was trying to do.

As far as the differences between slider and faders, here is the explanation from the doc:

A slider works in the same way as a fader, but instead  
of setting a value directly by pressing a certain place on  
the fader, you slide your finger up or down the slider to  
increment/decrement its value. The GRANULARITY  
argument sets how much the slider is incremented/  
decremented with. In the above example, the slider value  
will be incremented with 5 for each slide of one segment.  

Thanks again! Leaving this house this upcoming weekend is hereby canceled.