Kate Lesing - It´s A Dream (ptrance Remix)

Had to finish this one first and now I think I can say that I´m fully back :)
Here´s a remix of Kate Lesing´s (Janardana) Vocal Trance Cheese - It´s A Dream (http://vipzone-samples.com)

Download Link

The theme here actually has nothing to do with the original song though but I found those vocals were sounding quite catchy in my version.

As always: Reviews, Comments, etc. are highly appreciated :)
BTW. I think you´ll notice the OGG-Tag spamming. That was definatly needed after my absence ;)

whoopie - listening to it and loving it :) I downloaded those kate-samples, too but the track I did with them is not as 25% of this good :)

I like how you split the samples. Cheesy trance sounds different :) I think that is my new favourite tune :)

Technically well done.

What VSTi did you use?

Well produced, sounds like a commercial one.

Agree, very good production here ptrance and welcome back fully! :)

I havent listened to a tracne song for ages… but this is the damn good… what an über-supreme sound…

bah … i’m so jealous now <_<


can only stress what the others said before.
technically a very good job! gratz :)

Thanks ppl :)

Used VSTi were:
2x SuperwaveP8 - Thin Leadsaw in the break and bridge and supersawfrontlead
Linplug Albino 2 - Backingsawlead for the supersaw. Using an insame amount of chorus and reverb :)
2x Novakill K1 - The both arp synths
Steinberg Hypersonic - for the Chor. This Plug rocks with it´s wide soundvariations!

btw. I already listened to your version. I think the ideas in it are pretty good but it lacks a bit in instrument/synth work. Talking about standardsounds and a little mixing. Also missing an more extended climax in there. Other than that it could still turn out in a very interesting classic trance tune :)
herm… maybe, would you mind to share the rns? :)

I won’t share the RNS in public but ptrance, you can have it :) just contact me at info[at]trancefish[dot]de