Kate Lesing Vs. Beastie Boys

Today i spent some hours to explore some functions of Renoise. That came out:


A bit sick but hey… :blink:

Writing review while listening

Kate’s vocals are - as usual - perfect. I like those pads and how you arranged the drums. As a trancer, I really love that.

Whoops, now comes the beastyboys-part: First of all, why did you slow down the song? You can tap the bpm out of those original vocals with BPM-Calc and speed them up to match the original vocals. Use audacity for that.

What I am missing is some hook-lead-synth which gives the whole piece some more uniqueness.

Overall said:
Solid production with a part I don’t get. The beasty-boys-part ruins the song, somehow…


I agree about solid production what comes to sounds. I have never understood tracks that have ripped several vocals or loops from other songs.
Remixes are different. If we forget that, i actually liked that it slowed down for Beastie boys part. When it speed up, doesn’t work for me tho.
Maybe use turntable spinback or some kind of explotion that you don’t need to fade the change of speed. Overally solid package.
I also missed some kind of lead or hook. Her voice reminds me of Cascada so i had same kind of leads in my mind but i guess that would be too clishe.

Same here.

Maybe the Beastie Boys vocals could shine through a tiny bit better.

Anyway Thumbs Up! :)

Thank you all :)

I swichted to Renoise some weeks ago and this only was a test track to get more used to renoise and so i tried some various things out. One of the things was smooth tempo changes… ;)

I agree that the arrangement is pretty odd but at least i like the sound which is way better as in my very first Renoise tracks… imho…

I wasnt really satisfied with the mixing and so i tried to follow the little mastering tutorial by Foo? in this thread (post # 20) : http://www.renoise.com/board/index.php?sho…c=20201&hl=

I think there is more clarity now. What do you think?

Old version: http://amok.ziphoid.com/wrong.mp3

New mix after Foo?s tut: http://amok.ziphoid.com/kabe2.mp3

Btw, thank you very much Foo?. Thats a really great help for a noob like me… :yeah:

not bad :)

i liked the beginning, it seems to me the voice lacked some punch or effects on it, and as for the beastie boy part, well it’s like 2 music in one, but why not, good rythm btw, same remarks tho, the voice lack some extra punch/fx (compared to the loud drum’n bass).