+kbd track * envelope (when previewed through a send track)

So I created a kbd device to track the filter freq ( set to + mode ) , added an envelope afterwards …

I am almost 100 percent sure while looking at the modulation overlayed/graphical envelope …that the initial position of the envelope changed , because of the kbd track module .( which defines the initial cutoff point )

After reloading the patch , the graphical envelope didn’t animate , altough it works as it should .

If I am somehow imagining things , I still consider it a bug if the envelope doesn’t animate , since the kbd device defines the envelope initial cut of starting point

Here’s the file , 2 instruments …kbd tracking + env…

Ok …definitely a bug …

I was NOT imagining things …the envelope does animate but only when a notes have ben entered in the pattern editor and played .

Download file above and just play from keyboard .;= no animation

Enter some notes in pattern and play , then play keyboard = animation works .

It doesn’t matter if the notes have been entered with the instrument or a vst or even an empty instr , for some reason a note has to be entered in the pattern , then it will animate the overlayed envelope( or whatever module )

BUg !

Strange behaviour indeed.

When you’re jamming notes through a send track, the modulation preview does not update correctly.

Jamming through a normal note track (and by extension having notes in the pattern editor) works just fine.

Most important thing is that it at least sounds correct either way.

Thanks for reporting.

7116 renoise-key-tracker-current-track.png

It doesn’t update at all when jamming from the keyboard , that’s the point .

Unless a gate/ note on is received from the pattern editor , even from an empty instrument .

Save the file ( after a note/gate on from pattern editor )

Reload , then it works correctly / updates visuals

edit …I just noticed that this behaviour is when the send track is selected ( when jamming ) , didn’t notice that all .

You’re always one step ahead :wink: