oh man i wish i had a good amp, a good mic, a room that handles acoustics properly.
Instead i rock the vst’s : and the funny beats.

new track

Doorbijten of Standhouden :)

The mood you have created is wonderful. I am not sure about that flute sounding instrument that first makes an appearance at 22 seconds.

The guitar is also a nice touch.

You lost me around 2:09 with triggering some of those backward samples. I think I understand where you were trying to go, but it sounds a little sloppy.

I think making a guitar sound like its speaking was a novel idea in the 70s, but I don’t think it sounds good in this song - this occurs at around 2:55min.

I think this is a really amazing track. Great job!

It’s both interesting and nice to hear such a dirty dry texture and atmosphere rolled into one. That aspect is what I enjoyed the most. Kudos for the mixing.

Unfortunately the first minute or so needed more work. It sounded a little tentative. I can’t put my finger as to what is missing, or what shouldn’t be there. Actually, it took you half the song to get into it. The period from 2:55 onwards was definitely best to my ears. It felt more musical, you relaxed a bit and the orchestration glued together nicely.

Overall, thumbs up. I didn’t like how it started, but I fully dig where it went.

thanks trepain and mickrip…i hear some good ideas.

i might add a litle lead element in the first part. And also have another look at te reversed beat thing.

nah i’m to lazy, maybe I should ask botb to feature instead of that

reversed beat.

things will stay the same for now