Kcirr3d - Electro Breakdance '05volt

Released this 4 or 5 weeks ago. Ppl i’ve never heard of had send me emails on my hotmail talking 'bout respecting me for bringing these underground oldskool street sounds. I mean wtf… Do i look like a pro? lol
Hey, if they tell me where they live i’ll even go to their house and give them my autograph.

Electro Breakdance '05Volt

Don’t know if this qualifies as electro, but it’s a nice breaks track .

TONTO, GET ON IT. Freeeeeeze.

Breaks? as in breakbeat?

well, you must be lucky then!! :)

nice track indeed!!

does robot voice
b r e a k d a n c e
moonwalks away

It’s called ‘fans’! :rolleyes:
Enjoy them while they’re polite!!

Your track rocked!! Get some vocals on it and you have a real radio hit, the good part of the 80’s called electro is back big time, baby. :P

nice tune man, perhaps a tad monotome but still, nice sounds and nice producing, good job :P

Thanx… maybe some other time i’ll make a whole breakdance album from the 80’s street electrofunk style to bombfunk mc’s …

b r e a k d a n c 2
does a pirouette while standing on his head, lands on his feet and poses “cool”

I’ve got Da Powa!
Only then 5 times better :P