Kcirr3d & Sonus - Project Geestdrijver

Kcirr3d & Sonus - Project Geestrijver


Any feedback will be greatly appreciated!

Great track, i love the orchestra intro and the excellent drumwork. This song has a somewhat mad feeling in a positive way. I don’t know why, but this song reminds me of an action movie. :)

thanks beatslaughter.

that would be one wicked movie :D

Thanks for you thoughts Beatslaughter. You’re not the first one to mention the “movie-scorishness” of this track.


Just thought I’d bump this amazing track, as I just had an urge to listen to it again. Great job guys ;)

My VU-meters were up to the max most of the time, sometimes even clipping… mmmm… is that what you intended to do? It reminds me of some recent posts about the Turn me up organization and the Loudness Wars…

I think the song is a good track, as others said before, but I find it hard to listen twice because of the previous paragraph… sorry :(

eheh :) that turn me up site has a youtube (96kbps mono isnt it?) film to demonstrate audioquality :P

Yeah, but you can get an idea of what they want to transmit