Ke$Ha - Tik Tok (Brutal Beatdown Remix)

last weekend i had done all the uni work i could and had a couple of hours free, so i made this monstrosity… “enjoy”… i guess!


F**k not bad :D

I dont know what style of rock or metal you would call that, but anyways I like it. I would expect it to be played on the radio on whatever radio stations that don’t play top 40 or soft rock (if there was any such thing).

The guitars and drumming sound realistic to me. Did you play that guitar and drums, or is that sample based?

Nice :lol: :yeah: :guitar: :drummer:

“This is what metal singers actually sound like when they have laryngitis.”

its brooooootal!

Would love to know or if thats virtual, if its virtual, wtf how did you do that?! If its live, Even better :yeah:

Haha! Love it and downloaded.

Snare drum and bass drum were just samples, cymbals were done using ezdrummer, and then all the guitars are live!

Xx matt