Keep NI Reaktor dsp on-off settings on project startup

Hi all,

is there a way to keep the settings for the NI Reaktor on-off dsp status the same as when i saved the project?

most of the time i find myself rendering reaktor ens and keeping more istances with the dsp off… When i save the project and then reopen i have all the istances ON (!) and i have to turn them off one by one…

Is there a way to make reaktor ens remember my on-off settings on startup?

Thank you in advance guys you are great

You can set a pattern effect command on the first row of your project to toggle the devices off.…ck_DSP_Commands

This way you are ensured they remained toggled off if you restart the song. If you toggle these anywhere else to on in the song, the last programmed state will be assumed when loaded.

Thank you so much! Is it possible to on-off Reaktor as a vsti too?

Not that i know of, the only fancy thing for VSTI’s to shut them down is the “autosuspend” checkbox in the config menu behind the question mark of the plugin properties panel (instruments tab)

Ok, thank you again