Keeping Us Updated About We Can Expect In New Releases..

Maybe it’s a good idea to inform us what the devs got on their todo-list from time to time?

We’re having some stickies in this “Ideas and suggestions-subforum”, but no one really knows wich of these ideas are gonna be done in next releases…

Is there a possibility a developer can say: Yes! we’re planning that in the future, or no… we will cerianly not do that…?

Anduh… big thumbs up for the devs! I tried FL studio,Live,Reason… nothing lets me control a DAW the way (My way!) like Renoise can!

come now, it’s interesting information to find out about when we mgiht expect 2.8, ori f there’s going to be 2.8 2.9 before 3.0 and stuffs.

I figger the next update will have an emphasis on sound sculpting / more sample synthesis option through a few extra native dsp’s (new stutter) :drummer: and pimped out instrument editor, with individual envelopes etc etc etc. It is not against the law to dream right?

Well we already kinda know that there’s some sort of a meta function device coming… stutter would be decent, plugin grabber improvements would be amazing, and hopefully more LUA api functions!!

No you don’t want to know this in advance. It raises expectations and when “promised” features won’t make it for whatever reasons, everybody anticipating on it will be pissed off.
There already enough people pissed off every update because feature x still hasn’t been implemented yet and these are about things that even weren’t promised.
So why should the devs burn their hands even more?

I do can tell you that everybody is currently taking a break from the 2.7 release right now. So there is nothing yet for 2.7+x being done.

Now that 2.7.1 has begun to sink in, d’you think that there really are people who are awaiting for specific bugs in a kind of negative and expectant way? Sure there’s always something missing, but the way the API can be controlled etc makes this into such a wonderful tool, it’s already in a very good state…

I for one am always bowled over by the announcement of a new version.
I love to just jump in and start using it. No need to know if there’ll be a 2.8 by 2 weeks or by 9 months, when it comes, it’s gonna be great and it’s gonna be so much more than what anyone expected.

I think have seen this thread in a few different incarnations already.

Maybe the explanation as to why renoise discloses release info in this manner should be stickied.

Makes sense to me as its a FAQ.

It would ruin the surprise factor if we were up-to-date on the updates. Who would want that?

yes. i think this would be a good idea. however, someone would need to write a proper explanation of this.

on a related note, i was wondering how much influence all the +1 stuff in posts actually has? do the devs actually count that stuff out?
i mean, you have the +1 button, which obviously gets recorded by the forum software. but there are also loads of people just replying to threads with +1 (or +111110000 etc). does this get factored in in any way, or is it not so smart to do that, and better to use the dedicated button?

I agree, maybe one of the renoise staff would be up for the task…if not maybe I would write one and see if an admin would sticky it.

From what I am aware much of the feature implementation is based on the plus ones etc…

As to whether they pay attention to written plus ones I don’t know, I am sure they do though.

I often feel this way