Keith303 - A Million Kisses

one of my numerous work in progress titles which is lying on my HD for a way too long time (early 2008).
it’s about time to give it some exposure as it will probably never reach a more solid / finished state.

vocal bits are from: “luther vandross - never too much”
used software:
audio created with: renoise 1.8 - 2.5.1 + some VST(i)
video recorded & postprocessed with: camtasia studio 7


Nice track! I vote finish it :)

Very nice sleezie track keith, Good CG’s aswell, :yeah:

Nice vocal treatments there!

BTW: the duration of the video

has a very smooth feeling. like it a lot. thx for sharing.

A very solid, typical Keith303 track :) I like. Very nice video as well, I have never seen anything like it before!

Good work, dude.

lol! (=

nice track!

Yeah nice & polished track indeed! Sounds like a big intro to an epic breakdown waiting to happen, in other words if you’re ever going to do more work on it, take away the beat & introduce something new. I like the mood in this, but it gets a little samey after a few minutes, still the good kind of samey :slight_smile:

By the way, when you capture the screen with camtasia, do you record it raw, meaning without compression at first? Then do a montage in camtasia to have the best possible quality?

Whenever I try to capture it without compression, the video image of scrolling tracks in renoise skips like it is missing frames. Probably an issue of a not so strong computer!



This one is a lot darker than the original Luther Vandross-track. ;) I think it’s an okay track. The video is cool!

On another note, your “Paparazzi”-remix has still been played a lot on my mp3-player over the weeks, I think it is an superb remix!

thanks for the kind replies! :)

@junoir, it’s actually not meant to be a remix of “never too much”. i just wanted to play around with the refrain vocals a bit and this is what came out. Besides that, i love dark tunes with cheesy titles :)

@jonas, i recorded it @30fps with the default techsmith codec @1600x900 res (for later conversion to the 720p standard on YT). audio as PCM 44khz 16bit. dont be fooled by the jumpyness of the video whilst watching it from within camtasia studio or the camtasia player. For some reason the playback routines suck and the video will be way smoother when it is encoded and watched with another player.

As always your production is awesome!

Isn’t it time to put out a cd? or did I missed one?
Would love to have one in my player ;)

The judges have ruled, the votes are in…

Btw: I agree with Jones - it’s like one huge build-up to a second part. Some sort of juxtaposed melody would really make this the bomb!

i’ve uploaded a higher quality version of the video to some webspace.
the audio of the xvid AVI is a 320kbps mp3[b][b].

[/b][/b]no, you didn’t miss anything unfortunately. there is no album.
i was working on one and was saving tunes for several years until the still lasting period of musical idleness kicked in.
maybe i can finish it someday, maybe not…

but thanks for the heads up!

i know what you mean. some alteration would certainly suit the tune quite well. i keep your suggestion in mind incase i ever continue.

hey keith :slight_smile:

First of all: Great track! I played it for a 1000 times now :wink:

Did you finished the track in the meantime? If not, would it be possible to upload this version in a better quality? Because YT doesn’t sound that good :wink:

cheers & keep on