Keith303 - Bongo People In Alarm Situation

Hey fellas,

SDC #58 deadline went on by this morning. Here’s my little technoid entry:

xrns: get it
mp3: gimme

Thnx for sharing the .xrns + nice video!

I am considering an album since half a decade actually.
The “problem” is that i want to be the album as coherent as possible and my tracks usually vary in styles a lot - but i’m working on it ;)
Thanks for commenting!

Very nice minimal nice building up. I watched movie cuz i like to watch your movies. Watching renoise in action is best clip hehe.

What is that recording software?

excellent again! thanks for the xrns hope to learn something from it :)

I can relate to the disregard of particular styles, but you have a signature sound - one you can call your own. Just sayin’, people are sometimes way too specific in their taste.

Anyway, really like the track and thanks (again!) for sharing the xrns. Nice to see a tracker-stable like “unfinished part at end of song”

I love the title, it’s exactly how bongo people would sonund like in alarm situation. :D
What exactly is SDC? Google suggested “Swingers Date Club”, but i couldn’t find any bongo people there. :P

I was asking me the same thing yesterday. It’s this:

Seems nice, maybe I would give it a try one fine day

, but I don’t understand the rules completely. What’s meant by “raw” no EQing mp3/ogg? Does this mean I may not use renoise’s native EQ at all?
From their forum: EQing etc. in the tracker is ok.

holy shit

nice tune and thanks for the xrns!

i like SDC as it features (usually) a nice mix of regulars being passionate about their doing and always pretty talkative when it comes to giving constructive feedback.
I also love the fact that SDC has a dedicates site with a deadline countdown - things like that keep me productive :)

thanks for the comments mates, glad you like!