Keith303 - Indigestion

The tune has been around for a while. I’ve uploaded the footage of a non-final version to youtube two years ago, for example.
Besided some minor tweaks it was already 99% finished in 2006 and finally got released now through a “made in a hurry” brainstorm demo at blockparty’10.
You can download the demo here: here or simply watch it on youtube, if your hardware is a bit outdated or lo-fi.
The zip file of the demo also includes the VBR V0 MP3.

The thing which might be a bit special about the bassline concept is, that it is played by frequency env-automation rather than by note entries.…303-indigestion

sounds amazing as always,
demo boring :D

You’re the master! Love the percussion, admirable groove. Can I use this for a DVD album?

agreed about the demo. it somewhat helps to keep in mind that he wrote it on the journey to and at the partyplace… ;)

you can use this for whatever uncommercial purpose you want !

thanks for your replies!

the bouncy bass had me smiling! sweeet tune! :walkman:

Yes it’s absolutely uncommercial. It’s actually a free presentation of my wife’s fashion photography artwork.