Keith303 - Jitter

[b]as i can meanwhile barely finish anything without a deadline, the monthly soundevotion compo has become the central engine for my productivity.

“jitter” is my entry for round 26. stylewise it’s a mixture of techno and house but not particularly “tech-house”. ;)



The first 2 minutes had me thinking that the whole track would be some nice, dark, evil techno, hehe… so I really wasn’t expecting the change of vibe that comes in after that. That second bit is not totally to my tastes, but it is still very pleasant and nicely produced. Interesting track!

… but you should explore that darker sound more often :)

Is this any different than the sdc version, or were you just late in posting here?
I just LOVE the steppy housey beat on this one :D

dblue, i can really see your mischievous party face going all down the drain when the 2nd, admittedly grossly cheesy part gets its appearance. but the contrast is intentional here… playing with emotions is what i was after. sorry i failed on you - gonna get you some booze for compensation at evoke ;)

organic io, it’s the exact same ol’ version from sdc26. simply forgot to post it earlier here. glad YOU like tho!

thanks both of ya.

Sounds incredible, especialy those raw effects on the drumpart every now and than.

How the arrangement is build up is a matter of taste, Copy the first part and past it on the end part, but that’s only how I would like it…

It’s a masterpiece thats for sure.

great music keith!

A few days ago Gilli recommended me to dl this track for some educational purposes. :rolleyes: It is highly technical, and also techno-ical. :) Deeply penetrates the mind.

what dblue said, hehe. :)

Some lovely tight noises from the start - ears were totally glued by the usual top notch production. I think the tune flows nicely into the ‘cheesier’ part of the track, but I would definitely have been tempted to go dark throughout. Still, a pleasure to listen to as always.

Another nice one! I always love your vocal bits :)

The only minor point of critism is that silly sine drop :P

nice sounds… i’d like to hear the shuffle in it played up a little more, and in the kick drums, so like at the end of bars throw in a few more bits where the kick shifts to the off beat and flips the rhythm over then comes back. also could play up those bleepy pitch bends abit more when it goes into the happier bit. just a couple of suggestions anyway, its obviously a tight production :)

Are you fucking kidding me?!
Ive never seen anything that cool in Renoise, how the hell do you keep track of everything?!
My jaw really dropped when I took a look at the mixer :expressionless: Lovely man

“The audio engine was stopped, because it used too much CPU for quite a long time.”

I enjoyed the .mp3. Two-songs-in-one is a nice concept I always find interesting. I think, I don’t have to say, you rock, because you know that already :D

Greetz, Chris

Now I wander off to buy a new computer…

oh well… the sinedrop is just a bit too heavy in the < 60 hz region as i had to figure when listening on my main hi-fi setup… that’s really a problem about 7" monitor speakers.
but besides that… well… i thought it was suitable at that particular part of the song.

thanks for taking your time to check the tune out and leaving comments!

May I ask you where you find your samples? They are simply awesome! do you use random resources, chop them up and tune them in Melodyne?

Keep it up! :)

such as “jitter”, most of my recently released songs are made for the soundevotion competition ( and therefore have to comply to the compo rules.
so the samples are always those of the sample pack from the respective round of that compo.
all you are allowed to add are vocals (preferably self-made, such as those used in “surrounded by myself”, recorded from my microkorg’s vocoder) and rendered selections from sequences made of samples from the pack, but with added FX. the drumloop here in jitter (instrument #24) is for example rendered from the channel “distortion drums live reel”.

so basically it’s the sample pack of the compo.

the given set of samples is the most striking reason for why i like sdcompo that much. i really hate browsing through my own library to gather a seemingly good selection of samples.
i rather let’em get picked by others and get indirectly told to live with what i’ve got.
this way i focus way more on the music itself instead on sample or even instrument/synth tuning and selection.