keith303 - "mix" of 11 Work-In-Progress Songs

a small collection of rather relaxed tunes i haven’t come around to finish yet.
would be interesting to see what you guys think would be worth continuation and what not.

I enjoyed the first big beat-ish one. Nice vox. It was squashed a bit too much (especially apparent when you mix into the second tune) I’d add more weight/low end to the snare.

Second one sounded ok but was too short to have an idea.

Third one, the housey tune. Nice vibe. The music is a bit too loud compared to the beats and the bass here. Also the snare/clap lacked some punch.

4th one with the brass stabs etc. Again quite short but wasn’t generally into this one.

5th (around 4.30): Nice minimal-ish vibe. This one could sound sweet with more bleepy bloopy stuff.

Think it’s the 7th tune around 6 min mark. Enjoyed this one, sounds fresh.

8th one (7mins) is pretty good. Awesome beats & bass, also nice mellow atmosphere. Could be my fav with the big beat one.

Kinda lost track after this ^^ But the closing track was good too. Sweet beats.

thanks for pointing my nose on some more or less obvious flaws.
it’s funny i didn’t realize what you said about no.3 before, because it now becomes very obvious, even though i wanted the musical content to be more upfront, but not that much.

Klaus #1 - These are soooo cool! How you can do all these different genres so well, and yet have the classic k303 sound is beyond me. Glad to see you back making sounds again btw. See you soon hopefully :)

The first two are killer! The one at 7 mins is nice too. Only thing I would do is beef up the drums a little, and maybe use dipped EQ to make some audio space here and there.

Otherwise they sound really good. What is the bass part you`re using on track one? What FX? Its really phat

same - hoping for evoke !

@midi error
bassline of 1st track is this
with just some EQ and compression i think.
will report back incase my memory was mistaken.