Keith303 - Surrounded By Myself

[b]XRNS | MP3


What can I say, Keith303 is best renoise musician so far. :)


This is nice!!

It all sounds very nice balanced, every sound has his perfect place in the mix!
and I really like the depth of the sound of the “Karma chords”

You have a new fan!

keep on rocking!!!

nice track dude
keep it up!

Me like!
Very very very nice :D

Your xrns’s are always great for learning, although I still feel a bit overwhelmed

Hey Cosmiq!
headin’ for evoke this year?

thanks for feedback everyone!


Amazing work! Everything sits so well in the mix, this could have come straight off a CD.

Great music too! :)

Is it possible that i remember you from (NOiSE) (RIP) ? Did you have a Beeker avatar back then?

p.s. thanks a lot for the .XRNS, that’s very generous!

edit just gazed at the .XRNS. I had to stop at one point because my brain started melting. I can’t believe how good it sounds with nothing but internal effects. I’ve heard people complain that Renoise’s internal fx aren’t as good, i think this proves the opposite.

Just incredible.

Hail to the king O