keith303 - the fuzz

had this lying around since 2009.
always had the plan to exchange madonna’s “miles away” vocals with those of an original artist with different lyrics but same melodic content.
but as this obviously never happened, it was about time to let go after 5 years of collecting dust on my HD.

13 minutes of epic, woah :lol:
Nice work indeed, more please.

Very nice

Great beats!

even though very brief, thanks for your comments ! ;)


Amazing track (as always)

Just curious, is this only Renoise? Did you use Vsts? Which ones?

you know i’m the last one to not share .xrns publically, but it doesn’t make much sense when various commercial plugins are being used.
in the case of “the fuzz” these are:
hypersonic, discord, sylenth1, polysix, massive, z3ta+, sidekick (no signal follower 5 years ago), ohmicide, ohmboyz, trueverb, epicverb, arts acoustic reverb, s1 imager, glissEQ, stardust, monofilter, Q10, VEQ, L316, corvex, amplitube metal. i think that’s about it.
thanks for your your feedback.

thank you for skillfully enhancing my facial expression and kindly sharing your infantile humor with the rest of us.

What a ride. Nice! :drummer:

Nice use of them madonna vocals! Specially when they return halveway the song with a change of beat drop. And
the raw bassline is just insane! Enjoyed it! ;)

Really enjoyed this tune man, reminds me of one of the tracks on the Wipeout OST … awesome.

Man, the song has got the spirit! There were nothing that made me bored. Maybe it could be shortened a little bit, anyway, good job, keep it up! I am looking forward to another tune of yours! :)


perfect illustration of this smiley <:

nice track btw!

haha !
hey buddiees, i have an ossom idea:

why don’t we discuss LOLFAIL’s contribution to this song-thread a little bit more in-depth?
or we could gather other people’s interpretation of my face and enhance it with various funny alterations like rabbit ears or photoshopped cross-eyes or maybe even some jolly genitalia pointing to my mouth ! lul

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