Keith303 - The Masquerade (metylonia Remix)

I though about remixing some of the renoise demo songs. =)
This time it’s keith303’s masquerade that got my twist on it. it’s REALLY different from the original. Uses uncommercial samples and vst plugins only. Can upload the .xrns if someone is really interested.
Style: Psytrance
Length: 7:57…onia_remix).mp3

EDIT: decided to finish the song a bit more. it’s better now.

this is some absolutely well arranged and mixed goa.
highly energetic and straight forward. totally enjoying it right now at pretty high volume.
but there is absolutely no relation to “the masquerade”, if you ask me.
it’s actually your tune with merely a few speech sample bits from the respective tune here and there.

anyways, splendid stuff no matter what !

ABSOLUTELY fits better ;)

Nice and enjoyable. :)