Kenny Beltrey - Gilli's Magic Garden

I actually missed the deadline of the compo, but that’s no big deal anyway :wink:

MP3 file
XRNS file

i already liked the WIP version of the tune.
too bad you didn’t make it until the deadline of round 30.

such a musically playful breaks tune is seldom seen these days, especially in a time which is ruled by breakcore and IDM stuff that is hardly distinguishable from ear cancer or a broken audio device.

kudos for this and your style in general, kenny.

just one thing:
the chord progression during pattern 14/15 - did you change something there compared to the WIP version i already heard a few days before?
i was expecting it differently which is caused by my memory, i think.
if i’m not totally mistaken and you really did make some alterations here, i gotta say i liked the previous state of these chords quite a bit better.

anyways, still very dope stuff - and thanks for releasing the XRNS. this should be great learning material for some.


(no… I’m not talking about the break)

Cute and enjoyable, love the bassline. Nice mix, it sounds fine without any mastering chain. The track has a strong trackering-scene feel. :)

The war is about to begin! :D

Thumbs up for this one K!

I always thought that your musical style relies on the samples you use. This proves I am completely wrong. Punchy as a beltry song! :D

I’d love to see how this was made (I’m at work so I cant check it out right now). :walkman:

Thanks a lot for this one! Just like I told you, I can imagine myself having a walk through the garden you created with that song. Gives me a really beautiful feeling.

gilli, we still have to do something about the cover artwork. i mean, the picture ptrance took of you is awesome but, i fear it’s a little bit too explicit! :wink: