Kenny Beltrey - The Way We Crack

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This one is dedicated to Pulsar/Renoise, who took the pain and gave the tune a prelisten on Keith303’s awesome pair of headphones… He said he liked it, so I’m all positive this one is complimenting Renoise and all it’s excellent features well enough. Other perspectives? :wink:

Seems to be recorded too loud? At least I feel I hear distortion due to high volume.

That’s probably the compressor. It makes the drums sound punched at some parts. But you’re the only one with that complain so far. Anyway, thanks for pointing it out…

i dig it.

It’s fantastic :drummer: I like the punchy electro drumming and catchy melodies, great combo. So where’s more? I found some through Kahvi and they didn’t disappoint, but I still need more… :)

Keith303 & SnooX Masters at work!

Music fresh to the ear! :walkman: u guys are doing a great job!

Very nice indeed, i like it.

Thanks for sharing something that is so Bloody good! :)
Not just one of the best Renoise tunes I have ever heard but one of the best songs.

This goes together with some of the best prodigy etc…

thanks for the flattery, people. i have more coming :wink: