Kenton Control Freak Midi Controller

I want to put a more live feel into my techno music and this device would be ideal, but does it work satisfactorily?

I see no trouble there. It sends midi messages. Renoise receives midi messages.
Seems like pretty flexible tool btw.

Of course you must consider the Renoise MIDI limitations, such as abscence of SysEx handling, but I see no reason why the box would not co-operate with Renoise within its abilities.

Well, what I have in mind is the following, being able to :

  • use eg Kenton sliders 1 and 2 for channel 1, effect 1 slider 3 (K1) and effect 3 slider 5 (K2).
  • use eg Kenton slider 1 for channel 1, effect 3 subslider 4 and with the push of a button, change this to slider 1 , channel 1, effect 3 subslider 7.

It’s kind of a mix what Renoise can do and what the Kenton h’ware thing can do really …

Basically, I want to be able to change ANY slider of ANY dsp effect with the Kenton, considering the Kenton’s h’ware limitations ofcourse.

If you are able to map them to different channels, you should be able to map the kenton sliders to any of the DSP effect sliders using the midi-mapper.

Each set of sliders per channel probably give their personal CC command.
Renoise supposed to auto-detect the CC-command, but if it doesn’t you can always try to set it manually.

just to add to vvoois’s post:

i found mapping h/w sliders to renoise quite impressive.
i never really understood midi all that great, but renoise auto-detected the sliders & knobs on my controller very easily.

Cool, very good to see it’s a viable option.

Does anyone know of a good/fast enough midi-card to use (my Audigy2 doesn’t have midi-ports)?