Key Input Lag

is there a way i can speed this up without changing the screen resolutions framerate?

You can lower the latency in the Config/audio tab, if this causes audio-chokes you can in turn lower the sample rate to a lower value and lower the cpu usage processes.

well see renoise acts differently with the keyboard input than any other programs, with the keyboard input when this is happening
also when its playing, when the pattern editor is following the cursor it goes like 44 or so lines (give or take alot) halts up for about a half a second and repeats
ive tried changing the frame rate quite alot to try to find a good fix but it just keeps doing it. along with lagging on the keyboard input sometimes making me have to type hit the key several times

i tried both suggestions but neither seemed to show any difference


do you use an kvm switch ? i know about some issues with kvm switches translating ps2 keyboard protocol to usb protocol. They fu** up the keyup and keydown events totally.

imho a ps2 to usb converter could do the same.

no, im just using my laptops keyboard :blink:
it seems to be working okay at the moment but i havent been inside it for very long, it doesnt always do it the entire time it usually takes a little while of running, for instance when it starts if i reboot it seems to be okay for a little while
but im the type that once inside i tend to be in there for hours
then when i get deep into it again it starts to come back
i was kinda thinkin that maybe i should take a video of it, (the screen lagging)

ive also been wondering if instead of using xp sp1 with my sdram memory if i should put win2kpro back in i heard that xp doesnt work well with sdram very well -even tho i have a gig

i really really dont want to have to reformat because of this tho.

and also, -should- i be using sp2?

because i just realized, that out of the ppl having issues with rc1 not running that great compared to previous versions.
we all seem to be using xp sp1

I have Sp1 on my desktop and run Rc1 without problems or CPU consumption.
Do note:this is on my desktop.
Don’t know if this is specifically an issue occuring on laptops.

so after a very long win 2000 install:

-key lag is still resident,

i know for a fact that this key lag is attributed to something inside renoise possibly the gui, probably something else. this is the only program i find it.

i even opened up notepad to see if it was my keyboard and i had full control.

tomorrow i will put this in the bugs section,

i just tried out Madtracker and there is no key lag

Well, if you don’t want to raise the screen resolution (i thought that was fixed somehow in the past, but am not sure anymore), what’s left?
Switching to Asio?

no no no, i did try that but i didnt see any difference at all

Don’t think it would make a big difference but:
You tried the last RC2 revision added this Sunday also?

I know some keyboard functionality started to behave different after a fix was applied for certain foreign keyboards (polyphonic key-groups that quit working etc.)

And if it works okay after rebooting for a while… looks like some strange kind of memory consumption. Do you also experience heavy harddrive activity when this happens? Or anything that indicates clogging up the system / Data bus? (you can’t swap quickly to other apps either for instance)

yes ive been using rc2 since last night

im actually in one of the songs that i notice it mostly
im going to let it run a little while before i try to do any input.

then switch to a new song,
and then see if its still resident.

hmm i started using the big font
and its seems to be working reasonably at the moment