Key Mappings


Im kinda fresh to renoise tracker, tho i’ve been using trackers since the early 90’s, anyways im too used to ft2/skale and i was wondering if someone out there has a keymapping.xml with fasttracker keysets they would like to share? :)

Yes, i know i should do this myself, but im just gonna try this out before i even consider buying the program.

in advance thanks.


While were at it. Any Impulse Tracker mappings?

A pack for ReNoise 1.281 is available
here. It is not perfect (it could not be), but it is the only one former IT users has sent to us.

Looks like all of IT users are very lazy :)

If someone has made something like this for version 1.5, please send it to it-alien [at]

we can say that ReNoise already supports the mayority of FT2 shortcuts, plus of course a lot of new stuff which was not possible to do in FT2. Just check it out!

ok thanks man, ill try to reconfigure the most important keys for me (swap pattern, instruments etc) and try the program out. Looks like renoise has the upper hand on every tracker out there tho im not so fond of the pay-to-use option ;)

Do you think the dev’s left out those options for fun or by random chance? Besides i said i wasnt too fond of the pay-to-use option, meaning; i would rather use a tracker that works and pay for it than using as you said a tracker that is unsupported and unstable, however cashing out for something that i wont use, as im rather picky about what setting im comfortable in, is not - an option. Im not sure if i really got a point here but still, this is how i feel. :blink:

Thus, you can use everything to figure out if Renoise suits your need, except rendering output and use of ASIO.
You don’t pay for the rendering option and ASIO only, you pay for the whole program and you figured that the functionality has proven it’s point that the program is worth paying for it.

If you don’t find it worth it, there are loads of different applications on the market and some may have what you need. But not all demo’s of those applications are as fully functional as Renoise so in most other cases you can’t really test if everything in there suits your needs.
While with Renoise there won’t be much extra in the options that require real testing if it would suit your needs.

well, i’ve been trying the tracker for a couple of days now and its safe to say i love it, it has everything, and kicks so much ass compared to the other trackers that i think im gonna cry. However after remapping keys and such i still cant figure out why space cant be both; stop and edit-mode? mine is just stop and play.

ill buy this one ;)

Goto config-misc/vst and choose FT2 on space/rec mode.
Goto config-Keyboard/mouse and make sure ‘ToggleStopPlayEditMode’ is assigned to space.

Welcome aboard :)


LOL i was afraid someone had replied to this topic so i couldnt edit it without looking like a moron, i actually found it 1 min ago. Thanks tho :)

Tho if i were now to extract any negative sides from renoise it would probably be that u have to doubleclick to open samples, i’ll get mousesickness twice as fast.

not only that, here is the “complete” Ft2 - Mapset

thanks for your contribution!

I’ve added it to
ReNoise FAQ :drummer: