Key-repeat Behaviour Changed?

Did the way key-repeat works get changed in 1.9?

I’ve observed in v1.8, that if a lot of notes were input almost simultanously (by holding a key pressed), then a single step back in undo history would remove all of these notes at once. Which is great!

With the new version, however, stepping back in undo history only remove a single note at a time. I guess this would be OK, if only the undo itself supported key repeat (then I could just keep CTRL-Z pressed). As it works right now, I have to press CTRL-Z a LOT of times :frowning:

So, are others experiencing the same as I ?

When you strike multiple notes at once or using shift-and strike a chord, undo removes all the notes.
With keyrepeat, notes are and should be handled as a new key sequence so if these notes are inserted sequencially with a noteoff or when another key was held:no can do.
Either strike at once or select the area with notes and cut.

vV >> not really answering my question though…do you experience the same as I, that keyboard repeat and undo has changed since 1.8 ?

[To try it out for yourself, load the 1.8 executable, go into edit mode and enter notes by holding a key. Then hit undo. All notes disappear. But in 1.9, only the last note that was entered will disappear]

If so, I really prefer the 1.8 way of doing things.