Key Tracker distributes unevenly?

There is one thing i can’t wrap my head around, why aren’t the keys split evenly with the key tracker?
What i mean is if i set the key tracker to A-1 to A-3, dest. min 55Hz and max 220Hz then why does the A-2 key trigger 110.27HZ?

This is very frustrating for a polyphonic synth i’m making as i have to manually adjust every single note on the keyboard to get the right pitch. So is this fixable? Should i wait with making the instrument untill it’s fixed? I mean if it gets fixed my synth suddenly becomes unusable…

for me the renoise devices seem a bit outdated, even if they are work in some ways (they are too complicated - renoise fanboys might call it to have skills, when using them).

because you don’t always add a keytracker to use it with a logarhythmic scale like you would do for controlling a filter, for example.

on this thread you can see how you can “tune” the keytracker.

I agree that a “logarhythmic” option would be welcome in KeyTracker, but forcing it as the unique way of output would keep users from using it as a linear device

That has nothing to do with this, me personally love that you can control everything and build things with blocks, it started with LEGO i think. Use VSTs if you don’t care about learning the tools. :rolleyes:
The key tracker is in no way outdated, but i hope they can fix this little glitch/bug or i’ll just have to make synths out of tune. :P

exactly that is what im doing…AND wait for bitwig ;)

I know how to tune, but i need a pitch controller and then i have to have the correct pitch at the middle of the slider. But now it’s 0.27Hz off.
How can the keytracker be linear? Then the result at A-2 would be 82.5Hz if the ringmod frequency slider was linear and that makes me think the problem instead actually might be that the ringmod frequency slider has the wrong logarythmic curve?

Another thing with the keytracker is that why doesn’t C-4 trigger C-4 if the keytracker is set to C-4 to C-4? I mean it triggers C-4 if i set it from C-4 to C#4, but not at C-4 to C-4…

Agree, this should be looked into!

Yes, the ring mod’s frequency is not linear, but the key tracker is.
See [2.7] More Tuned Devices! on how to can be nevertheless mapped to a key tracker.

I know about that technique, but it compromises the idea of having a free pitch controller the way i want. I could perhaps assign the min and max values in a macro slider so that c-0 and b-9 is at 50 though, but it wouldn’t be ideal and i can’t easily get the 1 octave up and down feature with that teqhnique.Edit: i forgot i could offset the LFO, damn i was thinking it would make the pitch snap to the points in the envelope, but that is of course not an issue. I guess there will be a correctly pitched native polyphonic synth instrument after all. :lol:

The frequency slider in the ringmod must be somewhat close to the correct logarythmic curve already, why not make it perfect? It would be very convenient for tuning it and it would also make more sense than a almost logarythmic curve don’t you think?

Also, will you look into the last question about the keytracker not triggering when the range is limited to one halfnote? It would be very nice if it always trigger the dest. min value at these situations instead of not doing anything.

Could we get the get the equation for the curve scaling on the ring mod frequency? If we had that we could map keytrack values using a formula device without needing to use the LFO.

+1 to have the formulas of all devices.