Key Tracking

Just off the top of my head, would a check box for the instrument envelopes that choose between “time” (as it is) and “key” (the note last played) be a tough thing to implement?

Basically what i’m thinking is when you play C-0 step 1 of the envelope is triggered (and held).
When you play B-9 the last step of the envelope is triggered.
Every value between that is interpolated.

Keytracking is a standard of pretty much every modern synth, and it could do things like make a sub bass louder the higher pitch it has.

Both key and velocity scaling is very usual and a ‘must have’ for creating lively instruments.
But nothing I would expect to see before the big redesign of the xrni structure some time in the future, really.

Yeah exactly, but this (to me at least) doesn’t look like it would interfere with the current structure. Regardless, it’s an implementation i think would be quite useful GUI wise.

True… but you know. There are like a million little things like that. So I suspect that we will change most things in one go (and taktik have stated earlier that he really do not want to touch the instrument code before the big change… its messy I guess)…
But you never know :)

Oh alright :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

so lets hope for this sometime in the future(hopefully near future :D )