Keybind gaming preset keys


Possibly a silly question. I’m thinking of getting a new keyboard.

See those 18 keys on the left? Would I be able to bind those to different actions in Renoise? Or does Renoise only see ‘normal’ keys?

I’ve never had a keyboard with loads of silly buttons on it before, so wondering if it would be useful at all.

This is a Corsair K95.

A multimedia keyboard also has extra keys, they are sending separate signals so they are individually programmable. I have one multimedia keyboard of which these keys are assignable to functions in Renoise.
I’m not sure about your keyboard, but considering it was designed to do special stuff through directx i think this one may work in Renoise as well.
Just a matter of trying out.

Thanks vV.

I guess I’ll find out tomorrow!

Well, it arrived today. Renoise doesn’t read any ‘special’ signal from these g-keys.

There is a function on the keyboard that allows you to record key-presses and save them as a ‘macro’ to each of the g-keys. So I’m able to record a combination like ctrl+shift+t to delete a track, and save that to g+1. That’s pretty cool!

Your own 18-pad stepsequence controller

How did the keyboard work out?

It’s wicked. I set a bunch of my keybinds from Esa’s Paketti script to macros on my keyboard. I can now throw my favorite effects on a track by pressing one of the macro keys instead of using holding down modifiers.

It’s nice to be able to play chords on it without worrying about rollover issues.

There’s a feature that makes each key you press light up after you touch it. Looks pretty cute when you’re using it to play music. Like Billy Jean video for your fingers!

My favorite thing about it is that it’s damn sexy!


I often get the itch for a new keyboard or mouse… Basically input device fetish. I can’t help it.

I had the same question a while ago.
Didn’t get a good awnser. But when you wrote about the key macro’s and your Paketti integration I got what I need to know.

Thank you!