Keybinding? Alt+Up/Down To Slow Playback Of Sample.

Can somebody teach me about the whole keybinding thing?

I have this idea to keybind alt+up/down to slowing down a sample being played so that I can use the sample window similarly to a program like virtual dj. Triggering the sample by pressing enter. Selecting a sample with the num pad.

Alt+up/down would nudge the sample forward including a slight pitch bend but returning the sample to it’s original playback speed.

Is it possible?

With scripting it is possible, but if the alteration is working on-the-fly (meaning the current playing sample without having to retriggering it) i don’t know.

Individual samples in the same instance of Renoise I see no easy way. Using Sync Mode and then adjust the Tempo would give you easy access to speed changes (wouldn’t nudge) Use a high LPB and double Tempo and Up/Down while Focus is on the Pattern (In Pattern Follow Mode) to move you a line up/down while playing can give you a nudge.

Multiple Renoise instances can be open at once but you would need one for each sample/loop/song you wanted to do this too, and as you’re relying on Tempo Sync chances are long samples would have to be cut up shorter and once you match BPM between instances it will be in time anyway.

Don’t think that really helps you does it…