Keybindings Dont Exsist But Should, Exist But Don'T Work

Instrument>Edit>Rename Instrument, “Control+R” is the default, it or anything i set to “Rename Instrument” doesn’t work… I need to right-click and select “Rename Instrument”, yet I see the shortcut hint there too.

I wish there was a command and customizable shortcut for each of the following:
clear|cut|copy|paste effect|pan|vol of selected block or current column


sudo please?

chmod thank you


I also seem to find my self frequently looking for a command/shortcut to:

increase/decrease the volume of selected block

There is a gazillion keyboard shortcuts in Renoise, so to avoid conflicts some parts of the interface (well, most) need to be focused before you can use the shortcut.

Quoting from…board_Shortcuts

  • Click anywhere in Renoise with the middle mouse button. - Left-click anywhere in Renoise while holding down the “Left Alt” key. - Right-click anywhere in Renoise and choose “(Set Keyboard Focus Here)” from the context menu. - Use the shortcuts “Left Control/Command + TAB” or “Left Control/Command + Left Shift + TAB”.

Although not a specific shortcut, this can quite easily be achieved with a combination of advanced edit and existing keyboard shortcuts. Maybe you already know about this? Anyway, first, you have a number of pattern editor shortcuts for selecting the block which the cursor is within. Try pressing CTRL+w (block in pattern), CTRL+q (block in track) or CTRL+SHIFT+w (block in column). Note that I think those are the default key combo’s, but my config is pretty modified…Secondly, use the advanced edit panel to filter out the sort of content you want by checking on/off the various checkboxes in the “Content Mask” section.

Are you putting Focus in the correct area first?

ahh… middle click, not left click. I was assuming since I clicked and highlighted an instrument name that the instrument window was in focus… not the case.
thank you for setting me straight. I figured this was PEBCAK since I was running into it on mac linux and PC.

Ah. I like it, but I wish I could customize keybindings for this rather than click around a little GUI window. I suppose I’ll clunk and click around in there next time the need arises. I just love using tab and kb shortcuts when composing w/o needing to touch a mouse - this is a bit awkward and clicky.

hey too bad the volume, pan and effect columns couldn’t be “tabbed” into (maybe shift+tab) and treated like any other columns with data thus allowing the column operation commands/keybindings to apply to them as well…

Ok… so from a it’s in teh documentation standpoint, yes you’re right… you must first assign focus to the instrument browser by doing one of a list of 3 or 4 things…

From a user standpoint it’s counter-intuitive to how, say the pattern editor section of the screen and the pattern matrix automatically switches focus upon interaction with the section.

just my two cents, and I’m sure this must have been talked about as it is a bit inconsistent, but thanks for the manual trick to setting focus!

There are FAR too many possible shortcuts to have anywhere near all of them Global!!!

I lost my configs on a head crash (and haven’t got Renoise reinstalled to see what is available) but I set up a load of Focus shortcuts as I didn’t really like using the F-Key View ones.

IIRC it’s either Shift+Alt+Letter or Ctrl+Alt+Letter that has a lot of free combinations. Use the Letter section for Focusing the Pane you want to get to. M for Mixer, D for Disk-Op, P for Pattern Editor, S for Sample Editor or Sample List, etc etc. Yet again I’ll point out the glaring omission of the Matrix from this possible lest of shortcuts. Only being able to get to it by going to Pattern Editor then Shift+Esc is not good!

Hopefully that at least in part solves this comment: “Ah. I like it, but I wish I could customize keybindings for this rather than click around a little GUI window.”

Although, on that not, do you know about Panel Switching?

(Is there anything in the documentation that describes it a bit better than that couple of lines?)

True. no doubt about that. It’s a sign of a well developed power tool! :)

I am aware of the panel switching, and thank you for all the suggestions and tips to get there from here.

I am curious however why the focus of certain areas operate inconsistently, please forgive my OCD but this really gets me:

I can left click the pattern editor and it gets focused. I can left click the matrix view and it gets focused, but if I click the instruments list to select an instrument, the instrument area is not brought to focus. I must do one of 4 things to bring it to focus, but just clicking doesn’t do it. .

It seems (on mac, pc and linux- i’ve checked this on them all) that focus gets automatically set when you click in the pattern editor area or the matrix editor area. ANY other view you must do extra clicking to draw focus… Is this intentional? Is there a good reason for the inconsistency? If so, could this be a toggle in the preferences to automatically set focus on left click??

I’m sure there used to be a one-click navigation mode for Panes, which I personally much preferred. Know the Pattern Editor always takes focus on one click, as it’s the main editing area, didn’t realise Matrix does too but it doesn’t surprise me. Pain with a laptop but sure with a real mouse with middle button it’s not too much of a hassle…

not the biggest of my worries. I think it’s fine how it is, just was curious what the thinking was. After thinking it through it probably is best how it is!