Keyboard : Config Key (Jump To Track Xx)

Hi all,

I think that Renoise v2.80 will be a powerful tool :slight_smile: But some little improvements must be made for the best audio tool…

Dear Renoise Team,

In “Preferences/Keys”, please could you add the config keys followings :

  • Jump to track N°01
  • Jump to track N°02
  • Jump to track N°03
  • Jump to track N°04
  • Jump to track N°05
  • Jump to track N°06
  • Jump to track N°07
  • Jump to track N°08
  • Jump to track N°09
  • Jump to track N°10
  • Jump to track N°11
  • Jump to track N°12
  • Jump to track N°13
  • Jump to track N°14
  • Jump to track N°15
  • Jump to track N°16
  • Delete volume and effect at cursor (except note!)
  • Delete effect at cursor (except note & volume!)
  • Clear Instrument

Thank you,


be more specific.
delete volume and effect at cursor - what if you are displaying 12 note columns? delete volume at cursor at note column, or delete all volumes of each note column when cursor is on any note column?
same with delete effect at cursor - there can be 8 effect columns. clear effect column the cursor is on? or clear all effect columns of the row the pattern is on?

clear instrument - how? first remove samples? then midi? then softsynth? or one shortcut which deletes the whole instrument (all samples, all keyzones, all softsynths, all midi instruments)?

tbh, each and every single one of these (depending on the additional data i would expect you would provide based on this response) can be scripted with lua… so easily that i could probably spend a while and script them for ya.

and about these, if you only have 6 tracks, does jumping to track#16 auto-create tracks 7-16 and jump to track16?

i have jumptotrack 1-16 working now. require more information from you, however.

also, wouldn’t it be much more powerful if these worked on selections? so if you select the whole note column, you can delete volume on each row of the selection. or the effect at each row of the effect column. or something.

that’s how impulsetracker/screamtracker3/schismtracker did it.

Hi esaruoho,

If I only have 6 tracks, does jumping to track #16 isn’t auto-creating tracks 7-16 and jump to track 6.

By selection, it is a good idea about delete volume or the effect without note. It is a very good idea by using a key per track for example…

Thank you & Greetings,


I have already coded this as a script. Pressing “go to track#16” will take you to track16 if you have 16 tracks, otherwise it will go to the maximum track number. (if you have 8 tracks, and you press anything from “select 8 to 16”, you will be transported to track#8 (i.e. the maximum track.)

Once we get the rest of your mess, I can post it in Paketti. get yourself Paketti from the tools and keep your auto-update on.

this is, again, impulsetracker/screamtracker ideas. what i do not understand is your “it is a very good idea by using a key per track” - do you mean key per note column, or do you honestly want “16 shortcuts to delete volume or effect per 16 tracks” i.e.

1 shortcut to delete all volume + effect from track 1
1 shortcut to delete all volume + effect from track 2

1 shortcut to delete all volume + effect from track 16

also, you have not said anything about note columns. please say something about note columns.

some thoughts:

  1. your thread title is h o r r i f i c - uninformative. you are requesting for keyboard shortcuts. Not a config key (which is cmd-, )
  2. please respond quicker. much quicker.

Hi esaruoho,

No, I want to say :

  • 1 shortcut to Delete all volume and effect from track.
  • 1 shortcut to Delete all effect from track.
  • 1 shortcut to Delete all volume and effect from selected block.
  • 1 shortcut to Delete all effect from selected block.
  • 1 shortcut to Delete all volume and effect from pattern.
  • 1 shortcut to Delete all effect from pattern.

Thank you for your hep,


His English is not the best that you can get, but that is what we already know from Vizion.

(edited out)

I think it was also ft2 that had bindings similar to this, I’ve found myself wishing renoise had some of these as well sometimes…

For what its worth you can delete all effects from a track by arrowing over to the effect column and hitting your shortcut for “cut column”… Renoise doesn’t seem to treat the vol, pan or dly columns in the same way that it treats the effect column so running this command when you’re parked in a vol, pan or dly column will actually cut the notes plus any pan/vol/dly :(

Its tempted me to avoid using the vol/pan/dly columns at all as all of these can also be set by the track’s dsp in the effect column… right click on the slider and the current parameter gets sent to the effect column.
This is cool but it’s very easy to accidentally over-write existing effect parameters.

I wonder what that old Masking Class written by vV ( would be able to accomplish with renoise2.8’s api additions?

Hi ViZiON, has:

∿ Select Specific Track 01 Shift + 1  
∿ Select Specific Track 02 Shift + 2  
∿ Select Specific Track 03 Shift + 3  
∿ Select Specific Track 04 Shift + 4  
∿ Select Specific Track 05 Shift + 5  
∿ Select Specific Track 06 Shift + 6  
∿ Select Specific Track 07 Shift + 7  
∿ Select Specific Track 08 Shift + 8  
∿ Select Specific Track 09 Shift + 9  
∿ Select Specific Track 10 Shift + 0  
∿ Select Specific Track 11 Shift + Control + 1  
∿ Select Specific Track 12 Shift + Control + 2  
∿ Select Specific Track 13 Shift + Control + 3  
∿ Select Specific Track 14 Shift + Control + 4  
∿ Select Specific Track 15 Shift + Control + 5  
∿ Select Specific Track 16 Shift + Control + 6  

so download the tool, install it, and set your own “select specific track” 1-16 keyboard shortcut.

enjoy! :)

p.s. these are global. so you can use them in Mixer View, Disk Browser, Sample Editor. If you map Shift-8 to take you to Track 8, and you are in sample editor, you can preview your sample in this track, or any other track, as you please :w00t:.

ViZiON, do you also want the selecting of specific track number, to take one automatically to pattern editor immediately? would you also want it to enable record mode? and follow pattern?
would that be more nice for you? please let me know what you want.

well, this works and doesn’t work. i’m not sure how to do two for loops without it getting clunky.
(one for selected lines, one for effectcolumn amounts)

function WipeEfxFromSelection()  
local ecvisible=nil  
if then return  
else end[].visible_effect_columns  
for, do[].tracks[].lines[i].effect_columns[ecvisible].number_string=""[].tracks[].lines[i].effect_columns[ecvisible].amount_string=""  
renoise.tool():add_keybinding {name = "Global:Paketti:Wipe Effects From Selection", invoke = function() WipeEfxFromSelection() end}