Keyboard Focus And Shortcuts/Commands

i’ve noticed in the 2.7 builds that any pattern keyboard commands require focus to be locked on the pattern view. so for example, if i’m fiddling with an instrument, and then decide that i want to play/record some midi notes, i have to click in the pattern editor before i can hit the esc to record the notes.

similarly, with the shift + f3/f2 commands - i need to be focused on the pattern editor. is there an option to revert to the old behaviour where these commands were executed regardless of keyboard focus?

Are you sure this has changed? I pointed out recently that Esc only EVER toggles Record mode when the Pattern Editor is in focus and asked it to be changed so that Esc to toggle Rec/Edit mode is Global. And RC1 is still behaving the same, so having Disk Op in Focus, loading a new Sample, seeing Rec is on so hitting Esc then playing some notes still starts to record the notes and shifts focus to Pattern, so definitely hasn’t changed since last couple of Betas.

hmm. i’ll investigate tonight. i’m almost 100% sure that in pre 2.7, i could do these commands regardless of focus. will check and report back. if it’s not the case, then it would be really cool to see shortcuts that apply to a single function only be changed so that they can be used regardless of keyboard focus.

@jenoki: no it’s not that…

ok so the difference between 2.6 and 2.7 is that in 2.6, focus remains on the pattern editor by default. so you can do other stuff in different panels, but the focus remains on the pattern editor. this allows you to hit esc shift + f2 etc no matter what your doing.

in 2.7, focus follows your mouse clicks.

EDIT: go to view> lock keyboard focus. this will allow you to keep keyboard focus on the pattern editor. eep. sorry.

That’s what the Global list is for. I don’t think Transpose Note Up (Shift+F2) should be Global!! What if you wanted to make Shift+F2 be Mutes in the Mixer screen?

Due to being asked to fully Uninstall the betas before installing the RC1 I seem to have lost a few of my preferences though, but that may be me getting myself confused as quite a new hard drive in my laptop and sharing time between WinXP and Linux…

sorry i meant shift+f3 [pattern cut/paste]. thanks for the help though.

Still not sure I agree it should be Global personally. Cutting a pattern when you can’t even see it as you have the Keyzones taking up the middle pane, not realising you have pressed the wrong key, adding a dozen entries to your UnDo list all of which have to be gone through to get your pattern data back, then redone by hand, seems a very bad idea to me!

Now you could argue this just brings up the argument for an UnDo Tree, rather than just an UnDo List again. You could also say it brings up the idea that In View, rather than only In Focus, commands could be a good idea (especially for Pattern Editor, or all central pane views.) First will hopefully come some point soon, second (although doesn’t seem a bad idea) may get a little confusing…

i was just using that as an example, all i needed was the keyboard focus lock option, which i didn’t know about.

Strange, as it’s ON by default, meaning you must of turned it off at some point…

Glad you have things workable though. Personally I prefer Focus Lock Off but still want Esc to work to toggle Edit Mode Globally!

agreed! cheers anyway.