Keyboard Input From Midi Device

Is there such a program that I can use a midi controller to control and send computer keyboard numbers to Renoise with?

For example I hit a pad on the controller and it inputs an 09xx effect into an effect column instead of me having to type it.

Is it even possible. It would be a useful tool.

Not possible ATM. Personally i dont see advantage - you have to set up both: effect number and value witch is much faster using computer keyboard. I dont know if you are new to trackers but working with computer keyboard is much more efficient when working with notes, pattern effects etc. Right now midi is my way for automation and transport, but as i said it`s my way, fell free to experiment.

tip. if you like 09xx command - when you have pattern with 09xx effects on it, select whole effect column and randomize values with Alt+F7 - fun

I got into trackers only about a year ago and I love them. I know that I can set up to record knob twists into the effects column which is great. I guess what I can do is make an instrument full of looping sections of breaks and contol them with midi.

I just thought it would be a fun way to improvize some breaks and keep a live feel.