Keyboard Input (qwerty)


I’ve been hoping for a while that support for transport controls (as seen on lots of midi controllers (play, stop, etc)) would be added to renoise, but i’m guessing it’s fairly low on the list at the minute.

Anyway, I was hoping to get around this by using a program like Bome’s Midi Translator to send keystrokes when it receives certain midi commands… Basically, I’ve got this set up so that when ever I press the Play button on my controller (remote SL25) it does a keystroke to start the song in renoise. However, while the system works fine in other windows programs, it doesn’t have any effect in renoise. : ( Is the keyboard handling done in a non-standard way in Renoise? It’d be great to get this working…

Anyone know of another way I could get this working?


Bome’s midi translater probably sends keystrokes using commdlg key actions to a comman API window (in windows) but Renoise has no common API window frame to capture any external events or at least it doesn’t do anything with it.
That is why for instance screen capturing is cumbersome for windows: alt-prtscrn doesn’t work, at least it shall not in the final just to make some right side modifyer keys work like the right windows menu key etc.

my guess is renoise uses directinput and i think this is lower level than whatever api the bome translator uses