Keyboard Key To Remove Note Delay?

hi… i often tend to just play notes in during playback with pattern-follow on, and they come in with note-delay. now, while i know that you can of course set quantization on, to get rid of note-delays altogether, what i’d really like to know is: what key do you press to completely remove a note delay setting? i tried delete and it removes the whole row, which is not at all what i’m after. what could i do, apart from going the “press 0 twice” route, to get rid of a note delay, and please don’t answer “click quantize”…

i.e. im looking for the keyboard key solution or shortcut for removing a note delay without destroying the note…

Move the cursor to the right, so it’s above the Delay value, not the Note entry, and hit Delete.

Or if you don’t want Delays at all, I think just not having the column shown in the track will mean they are not read. At least that’s how it works with extra Note columns, and I think Vol and Pan so assume Delay too.

No that only works with notecolumns but not vol/pan/delay
If one wants to remove several delay values afterwards, you can use the advanced edit and only keep the “delay” checkbox checked (rightclick to solo the checkmark) then select the area you want the delay values remove and simply hit ctrl-x or alt-F3. In that case, only the delay values will get erased, everything else remains untouched. (Be sure to toggle back the other checkboxes if you want to delete other pattern values as well)

If you don’t want to have delay values recorded at all then one has to use the quantize mode at least.