Keyboard lag

I did do a search but couldn’t find this covered anywhere.

I’m getting a noticeable lag when playing (or trying to) through my PC keyboard. I know many games have issues with LED keyboards like mine so wondering if that might be an issue.

It happens consistently no matter what. It can be coped with when laying down notes, but not when playing along.

Is it just me?


Go into the Preferences and audio settings and set it to the lowest delay time that does not cause crackling. Relay back if that helped, (there’s a lot more we can do after that)

Thank you!

I had done that but not noticed any difference, I wonder if restarting has helped? But it’s much better now :slight_smile:

You should be running asio though instead it will provide you with that lowest delay. If you don’t have native asio drivers, you can download asio4all and/or FL studio asio driver (you will have to download the FL studio demo for that, you can remove it right after installation). Asio4all gives more possibilities, but FL asio driver will not take exclusive control of your audio, so it’s incredibly convenient as asio4all can have issues if you sound card is in use by another program.

Also, the computer keyboard input can lag a bit, depending how much renoise and your computer is processing at the moment, this is not the case with a midi keyboard.

You could also Go To the .config.file and set the Time out value to 0.
What this basicaly does is reduce the temp.memory buffer for undoing large pattern
data recorded from kb input.
This surely helped on older spec. machines.