Keyboard Octave And Midi Keyboards


I’d like an option to not having the “Keyb. Octave” affecting midi keyboard (or even better, specific midi keyboards, or perhaps in a combination with midikeyboard and a specific instrument). My main problem is with the current behavior and 88 Key midi keyboards, it’s not helpful having a full sized 88 key midi keyboard transposed. I do use The transpose option quite often when entering notes with the computer keyboard, and then i do need the the transpose option.

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Actually most less-than-88-key midi keyboards have octave shift built-in, so I’m all for it. It may even cause confusion when shifting octaves from two places, you might get lost with what octave you are at.

It is already confusing enough there is no standard for in which octave range a “C-4” should start in the MIDI world, it should be optional though, some octave ranges aren’t reachable without shifting the internal Octave and the midi keyboard octave apart (depending what kind of midi keyboard you have and how much octave levels it supports).

for it, double octave translation makes no sense at all. is this scriptable?