Keyboard Octave Discussion

I was shocked to see this in the change log:
“key board octave settings are now preferences (won’t be memorized in songs anymore)”

I tend to use the octave setting to play the parts on a keyboard zone that I feel comfortable with.
Now this isn’t possible anymore without adjusting the octave input by hand each song!

I really need this functionality for my live performances and I hope many other people feel the same.
I also understand that this was a logic choice to make for the devs to do so.

As I see it, the function must be in a more logic place, namely, the new MIDI input tab in the instruments settings.

I know this is more of a feature request, but I hope that you can see that this would be very logic.

I was doubtful when I saw this change decided on the forum, but since it didn’t affect me and people seemed not to care about it, I didn’t say anything. I indeed think that this change could be a problem for live usage.

It should be ok if you can set the base note per instrument but this function seems to be gone also.

I really found myself a bit scared now :unsure:
I’ll keep my fingers crossed for this one.

Honestly, I feel that this change is quite a big step backwards, while I understand that concept of keyzones is kinda shifting the idea, I don’t understand the need of removing something that worked
some kind of global instrument settings would be definitely handy, and in some aspects it really damages workflow, adjusting cut breaks for example is a big pain in the ass at the moment, as it was very
easy to change pitch of all slices before, but now it is not. i would definitely appreciate to have global setting of instrument where you can set volume, pitch, panning and other relevant things.

i like the way renoise is going, but it’s annoying to mess with something that worked before

What are you talking about? You can still transpose or fine-tune all slices / samples in the instrument setting / Sample tab through selecting all the slices you wish to transpose and drag the slider or do you mean something else?

That has been gone for a long time since the basenote was based per sample.
I do miss the basenote settings for the plugin and midi output. That could cause problems with older songs where this base-note setting was saved differently for plugin and / or midi output instrument.

Or we aren’t talking about the same thing, or my brain is melting due to a LA Style overdose ;)
I clearly see a basenote setting in the 'not so long ago’1.6.1 Release:

Nothing has really been removed here, it just works a little differently.

The old Basenote value is now handled by the new Transpose value instead.

  • Basenote C-3 = Transpose +12
  • Basenote C-4 = Transpose 0
  • Basenote C-5 = Transpose -12

And so on…

With VST instruments and MIDI it functions more or less the same as it did in 2.6.

With samples it’s also pretty much the same, but with new Sample Keyzones you also have an independent Basenote value for each keyzone. This lets you create some more interesting and flexible mappings. You can use Transpose to adjust the behaviour of the entire sample across all mapped zones, or you can use the Basenote value on each keyzone for more fine tuning.

yes with samples, but with the rest, you can only span 3 octaves now through the transpose.

Perhaps I’m missing something here, but in 2.7b5 the Transpose value goes from -120 to +120 semitones. This applies to plugins, samples and MIDI.

Once again, something i find really stupid, while its semi ok within a range of 12, tuning something in lets say 19 semitones is confusing and bad,
Also its much better to know that one instrument is tuned to G and the other to D to know their musical relation not even saying if one is in a different octave
What possesed you to change it this way? Lets say i render a sample in a key of e, as it wasbefore i’d just change the basenote to E and i could play it tuned
If i see +16 because its actually e-5 it isnt really working

The number of semitones i find much less relevant than actual note of sample

About the global tuning, yes it can be done, but what was very easy before with the global ±1 or ±12 now you need to focus on keyzones, mark them all, go to
Sample editor and only then change it, this should be handy if you want to change -some- in this case selected zones but for changing all zones there should be direct approach

If this was useful to you and others, let’s revert that change. This was meant as a help/improvement. Didn’t thought people really make use of this as a feature, but the way you explain this it makes sense. I’ve done so now…

Well, both, transpose and basenote have its cons and pros. At the end its the same thing expressed differently, so we haven’t removed a feature here. “transpose” IMHO definitely is easier to understand and more obvious in general.

You still CAN transpose stuff and/or set basenotes, so after all its not really a biggie?

I can’t follow you here. We never had such global instrument settings? Of course those will be super useful, and we’ll try to add such a thing in future, its just that we can’t do this for 2.7. The changes we’ve done in instruments for 2.7 are just the start.

Thank you so much for changing this back.
wouldn’t it be good to make the transpose a little wider to span the settings that could previously achieved with the basenote setting to make everybody happy again?

Seems we all are talking past each others here. The new transpose setting goes from “-120” to “120” !120!, not 12. So you can even transpose more than before.

I’m all happy again, at least when the next beta comes out that is ^_^

just to pitch in here: i’ve started a thread about this whole transpose vs basenote thing i think when the first 2.7 beta came out. i understand the way it works, but as taktik states himself:

personally (so, IMHO), i don’t understand ‘transpose’ as well as ‘basenote’. this could very well be true for other users as well. so, why not have them both? in other words, wouldn’t it be possible to have the transpose slider, and (maybe on mouse-over or statusbar or whatever) also display the note which you transpose to?

FWIW, I always found basenote confusing, but that’s probably because I have no idea what note most samples I have were sampled at. So I find it easier to throw it in the mix, and if it’s too low, I just tranpose it up until it sounds right. With the basenote, that process always involved some sort of inverted thinking where I had to pull the value in the opposite direction of where I wanted it to go.

I understand this might be the complete opposite for others though depending on your workflow.

Bassnote/Transpose option in Preferences? At the end of the day it’s only two ways of displaying the same data, don’t see why the user can’t choose which to use…