Keyboard Octave Shoots To Zero On Ubuntu

I haven’t figured out a way to reproduce this reliably, but sometimes after changing the keyboard octave via the keypad / and * keys the octave shoots to zero. I can move it back up manually but it again scrolls quickly back down to zero, as if the / key is being held down. Restarting Renoise doesn’t seem to fix this. Nothing short of restarting X seems to.

This is on a Dell XPSM1530 laptop running Ubuntu 10.04 but it also happened with 9.10.

Anybody else experienced anything like this? I’ve disabled all visual effects to rule out some kind of compiz problem.

never happened to me.

the only similar issue I have sometimes is that using the TAB key to browse tracks sometimes results in the action keep going even after the key is unpressed.

I’ll see if I can find steps to reproduce it reliably.