Keyboard Repeatrate In Edit Mode

I’m a bit ashamed to ask this… I’ve been using Renoise for more than a year and I still don’t understand why in edit mode, key repetition is active.

Is it a feature that you like and actually use ? Most of the time I enter a note with the keyboard, and I want to be able to hear it ! But if I press the key for more than a second I get plenty of them written !

Is there something I missed ??

Thanks for your enlightment…

Yes it is necessary for tracker type of editing, at least for me. Let’s say I’m doing an arpeggio where I enter every note to the track, and want a gate between notes. In synth this would be done with gate-setting, but when I’m programming the arp to the pattern I need to cut the volume in every second row, or slide it down or put noteoff. Easiest way to this is by putting repeat rate to 2, navigating to the second row of the pattern and just press capslock for noteoff - every second rof will have noteoff thanks to the key repeat function.

And it has million other uses. If you want to hear the sound, just put edit mode off, play the sound/melody/rythm and when satisfied, turn edit on and play or edit it into the track.

Try copy the piece of the arpeggio you want to play repeatedly by selecting the and copying little piece that is required to be repeated all over the track.
Then go to the first repeatpoint and press ctrl+p, your block is being pasted all over the track without being required to set edit-step to e.g. 8 and repaste this block every x-step yourself manually.

just press ESC to go out of edit mode, play the note, then press ESC again.

Repeat key is needed for editing, in my opinion

Oh well, thank you, I would never have came up with this on my own. :rolleyes:

What if I want to make an arpeggio that does not repeat itself over the pattern? Or a very long one?
Man, I’m actually using this feature. It would be completely unnatural to edit patterns in tracker without key repeat.

Ok, thanks for your exemples.
I still don’t like it, but if most of people need it, why not.

I don’t use the arpeggio effect command, neither do i simulation of an arpeggio through the track, i use the pitch envelopes of the instrument.
But currently it’s pretty hard to lock the instrument envelope nodes to a precise value.

Uhh. The arpeggio was just an example showing what you could do with it. You can do gapper or pattern effect things or straight bd or hihat beat or anything you want with it.
You don’t need to use it for doing arps.

That’s my opinion too. But Jnv has a point…
Maybe an option to disable key-repeat for midi-keyboards?

Edit: by the way, to keep CAPS-LOCK pressed to input noteoffs has never worked for some reason. It does now, but only if you use smart note-off. not with the standard one… anyone know anything about this?

How about just setting step-edit to 0 (ctrl-0) :rolleyes:

How about just setting step-edit to 0 (ctrl-0)

No, it doesn’t work. The note is being repeated on itself. The problem is that you can HEAR the note repeating, and that’s exactly what I want to avoid :)
Note that I don’t speak about composing with a midi leyboard, but with a PC keyboard.

:huh: gee… and why do you wanna hear the note when in edit mode… i don’t get it, what for, you are in e d i t mode after all. not recording or anything. sheeeesh