Keyboard Shortcut Layout For Mac (no Numpad=

Hi there,
maybe I missed it, but is there a selection of standard keyboard layouts to adapt to various keyboards? In my case, I find myself limited by the standard combination as it supposes I have a full keyboard (with numpad, a left ctrl etc) while on my 13’’ macbook pro i lack the numpad.

Is there a ad hoc keyboard combination for such situation or did anybody adapt the default one to a numpad-less mac keyboard and is willing to share it?


I’m wondering the same thing. Any answers?

Can’t you re-map the keyboard shortcuts? Or just get a usb numpad?

yeah, i’m just wondering what other people have done. I’d prefer not to get a keypad, but maybe i can find a small one that does the job.

I work on a laptop all the time.
Some functions have a double shortcut like semitone down ctrl+[
and select next instrument alt + arrow key down etc.
I did not need yet to remap things cause the lack of a numpad,
I did remap some things out of personal preference without a problem.
you could use the numlock ( if a mac has something like this, I don’t know).

Yeah no numlock on the mbp.

This thread seems to cover a lot of the problem