Keyboard Tracking Of Filter

The renoise instruments and effects could be improved enormously if they supported keyboard tracking. This is something that exists on most synthesizers and samplers, but apparently not in Renoise at the moment.

For those of you who don’t know what keyboard tracking means, it means that the base frequency of the note being played controls the frequency of another parameter. For instance: If i play a sample at middle A, at 440Hz, and have a filter cutoff set at 800Hz, and then play the same sound an octave lower at 440Hz, the filter cutoff will follow, and change proportionally so that the cutoff is now 400Hz.

In Renoise, it appears that when i set the base filter cutoff for a note at 800Hz, it will be set at 800Hz, no matter which note i play. Obviously, this is not always desirable. On my old Kawai K3m syntesizer, you can also set the “amount” of frequency tracking, so that the tracking can be set to various positions between “full tracking” and “no tracking”. I think this is a good feature.

My apologies if this has been mentioned before. It really would improve the usability of Renoise instruments, which i feel are currently mostly usable for triggering drum samples. Renoise is an excellent program, and it is a pity to let a tiny thing like this bring it down.

You should put this idea/request into the pinned Rni Future thread.


I took your advice. I was actually a bit hesitant towards that thread, because it was filled with unrealistic comments like “i wanna use ma brain to control renoise, that would be soooo coooool”. Anyway it was a good place to vent my other ideas as well :)

Thanks for the advice.