Keyjazz Help!

Hi, I’m sure that I must be missing something really simple here, but I can’t find the answer in the help file or by searching this forum.

I just can’t seem to get Keyjazz to work, it won’t accept polyphonic chords, instead it places all the notes consecutively in the same row, regardless of whether keyjazz is on or off. It does this even if I expand the track so there are more rows.

It is the same in 1.261 and the latest beta. I’m assuming that there is another option somewhere that I have overlooked…

Thanking you all in advance!


Keyjaz doesnt work if you have no sample , MIDI instrument or VSTinstrument assigned, as it has to be know if the Instrument is still playing to place the notes correctly.
Was that the problem ?

No, it doesn’t work even with a VST instrument or/and sample assigned.

Thanks for the fast response by the way!


My apologies Taktik, it works if I play and record the chords in realtime. Is there not a way to enter chords as a step edit? Will I have to enter all the noted individually?

this may sound silly, but I think you have the step edit set to 0.

try setting it to 1, by pressing CTRL+1

No sorry, step edit is already at 1.

Step edit works fine if I am entering individual notes but as soon as I try to play more than one key at a time, it enters them consecutively in the same column, rather than in the same row.

Keyjazz seems to work perfectly if I play chords in realtime playback/record.

Then hold down the left Shift key to enter chords when not recording.

It has always worked like this and the only workaround I know of is to hold left shift while pressing the keys. I have reported it a couple of times before but it seems most persons aren’t bothered with this or think it should work this way. I see no reason why it should though… :unsure:

Damn, I thought I was fast but taktik was faster :)

Left shift you say… Great to know! :D I know, I know, I definitely should RTFM some day :)

Thankyou Taktik & Johan! What a fast response from the pair of you, that’s great!

Maybe I should start thinking about learning the key commands too… :)