Keykode Problem

Hello, I have registered and ordered my 45$ groovy program.
How long does it take before one gets the Keycode?

And has anyone had problems getting it, and how did you solve the problem?
Having waited for 5 days now, I’m getting impatient! :blink:


Maybe you are right.
I have now added all possible renoise mailthings to my adressfolder.
Hopefully will they be able to send the keycode again! 'cause I dont
have it it now, or yet!
What is the adress for support of this kind?


try support@re…

I can see my recipe for my order just fine. 45$.
swreg loads, no problem.

this was in my mail:
“Your order status is:
Order processed, but unable to send mail. Please, contact us for assistance
( : Illegal group reference”
What does this mean?