Keymaps For Vst's

I was just thinking that since you can have multiple samples in one instrument, like in a drumkit, why not multiple VST’s? I was thinking about playing some cool pad with left hand and some lead with right hand, but without this feature it’s not possible. Would be great, especially for testing how two different VST’s work together. If you know any other solution that lets me play one vst with one hand/zone and another with the other, please tell me. It just doesn’t seem to be possible right now.

do you mean doing this inside renoise??sounds interesting

No it is not possible now to split VST instruments across the keymaps.
It might be a nice idea for the new XRNI structure…
Like Pysj already covered that idea in his designs for that structure though (and more than just that) and Taktik responded positive on the ideas. We will see how the XRNI 2.0 structure would end up like.

est its quite interting how it in up :blink:

what i meant was ,its quite interesting to see how it turns out/end up

I’ve done this for years with energyXT (I don’t use energyXT2). Just load energyXT as a VST instrument inside Renoise, then create a keyzone map in energyXT and assign new VSTi:s to the zones. Then you can play a fat Atmosphere pad with your left hand and another nice Nexus lead with the right hand. You can also make energyXT play entire chords based on which key you strike with your left hand; press a C-3 and the pad is playing a full 5-note chord (you decide the exact notes within this chord as well…).

Another nice thing with this workflow is that all tweakings of the VSTi:s, and additional loaded VST FX, can be saved as a new energyXT instrument/patch. This is very useful when you want to load the exact same configuration in other hosts (Logic, Cubase, Sonar, etc): just load the saved patch again, and all your VSTi/VST chains show up exactly as they were in Renoise, complete with EQ-settings, reverbs, compression, etc!

Too bad it’s not free :o . But can you do this with the core version? 50e isn’t much anyway, but if I dont need anything but the core, I’d go for the core version. Anyway, I rather would see this insider Renoise :) .

cool be cool if renoise could do that